What Everybody Wants

Copyright essence & Jeffry Pease 2009

Verse 1:
Everybody’s kissing strangers
and going home alone
ringtone on a silent phone
or taking all of the wrong ones home
Every bitter heart’s in danger
of turning to stone
watch another pebble fall
just another rock in the weiling wall

We’ve got golden delicious
Under a serpentine sun
It’s not that I’m superstitious, but how could this be
I don’t know anyone who’s so happy

We’ve got
What everybody wants
What they wants, what we got
We got it so good
We’ve got
What everybody’s looking for
Has not what we got
We got it so good

Verse 2:
Maybe I had met somebody
And left before you’d come
Not a lover, just a soldier,
just another shoulder to look over
Had you gotten off the train
just before I’d gotten on
in a world that’s over crowded
so hard to meet but we somehow did

We’re not people in movies
Under a serpentine sun
No fairy god mother blessed me
So how could this be – how did this happy ending find me?

If this is all there is
If we only have today
If I die then I’ve lived
And I’m so grateful. Grateful.

Another day
Another time