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Past show archive
01/26/16Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
01/19/16Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
01/15/16Creative Arts Charter SchoolSan Francisco, CA2:00pmMap
01/14/16Neck of the WoodsSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
01/12/16Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
01/05/16Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
12/11/15Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
11/29/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
11/22/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
11/15/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
11/01/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
10/25/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
10/18/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
10/11/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
10/04/15Book PassageCorte Madera, CA11:00amMap
09/17/15Neck of the WoodsSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
09/05/15HopMonk TavernNovato, CA1:00pmMap
08/29/15Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
08/05/15San Anselmo LibrarySan Anselmo, CA1:00pmMap
08/05/15Mill Valley LibraryMill Valley, CA3:30pmMap
08/03/15KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro at OsteriaSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
07/04/15Sausalito Yacht ClubSausalito, CA3:00pmMap
06/23/15Strings Music PavillionSteamboat Springs, CO11:00amMap
06/08/15City Winery Napa, CA6:00pmMap
05/30/15Birthday Party!!San Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
05/03/15Birthday Party!!San Francisco, CA1:00pmMap
03/20/15The FillmoreSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
03/08/15Peri's Silver DollarFairfax, California8:00pmMap
03/06/15The Starry PloughBerkeley, CA8:00pmMap
03/04/15The FillmoreSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
01/17/15Private PartyPrivate Party11:00amMap
10/25/14Pacific Grove Fall FestivalPacific Grove, CA10:00amMap
10/09/14The Hotel UtahSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
10/04/14Cafe La BohemeSan Francisco7:00pmMap
07/12/14The FiresideAlameda, CA8:00pmMap
07/07/14The Hotel UtahSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
06/21/14The Monkey House TheaterBerkeley, CA8:00pmMap
03/23/14Birthday Party!!San Francisco, CA12:00pmMap
03/09/14The Hotel UtahSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
02/06/14Red Devil LoungeSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
01/29/14The Hotel UtahSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
01/16/14Red Devil LoungeSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
12/17/13Red Devil LoungeSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
12/15/13Birthday Party!!San Francisco, CA2:00pmMap
12/07/13Green Apple Book StoreSan Francisco, CA 11:00amMap
11/18/13KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro at OsteriaSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
11/08/13The Academy of SciencesSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
11/02/13Green Apple Book StoreSan Francisco, CA 11:00amMap
10/24/13Parent's PlacePacific Grove, CA10:00amMap
10/15/13Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
10/12/13Slide RanchMuir Beach, CA11:00amMap
10/07/13Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
10/06/13St. Clare'sPleasanton, CA4:00pmMap
09/20/13Little SeasonsGeorgetown, Washington, DC4:30pmMap
09/20/13Haynes Public Charter SchoolWashington, District of Columbia8:45amMap
09/17/13Book CourtBrooklyn, New YorkTBDMap
09/16/13Books of WonderNew York City, New York4:00pmMap
09/15/13Jewish MuseumNew York City, New York2:00pmMap
09/14/13The World Cafe LivePhiladelphia, PA11:00amMap
07/27/13Far West FestPt Reyes Station, CA12:00pmMap
07/07/13High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy , CA12:00pmMap
07/06/13High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy , CA12:00pmMap
07/05/13High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy , CA11:00amMap
06/29/13Stoneridge MallPleasanton, CA11:00amMap
06/09/13Live Oak Park Berkeley, CA11:00amMap
06/08/13Live Oak Park Berkeley, CA11:00amMap
05/03/13The Record PlantSausalito, CA8:00pmMap
04/21/13Cafe Du NordSan Francisco, CA1:00pmMap
04/20/13My MuseumMonterey, CA10:30amMap
04/16/13The FillmoreSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
04/14/13S.F. Main Branch Public LibrarySan Francisco, CA2:00pmMap
03/30/13Birthday Party!!San Francisco, CA10:00amMap
03/09/13Bloom RetreatWalnut Creek, CA2:30pmMap
03/09/13Green Apple Book StoreSan Francisco, CA 11:00amMap
02/24/13The Starry PloughBerkeley, CA12:00pmMap
02/09/13Pre-School EventBerkeley, CA12:00pmMap
02/02/13Children's Creativity MuseumSan Francisco11:00amMap
01/26/13Birthday Party!!San Francisco, CA11:00amMap
01/21/13KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro at OsteriaSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
01/14/13Bread & Roses San Francisco, CA10:00amMap
12/29/12The Academy of SciencesSan Francisco, CA12:00pmMap
12/23/12SolarisVail, Colorado4:00pmMap
12/21/12The Ark Toy Store - BerkeleyBerkeley, CA3:00pmMap
12/18/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
12/15/12The Ark Toy Store - BerkeleyBerkeley, CA5:00pmMap
12/13/12Bread & Roses San Francisco, CA10:00amMap
12/11/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
12/04/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
11/29/12The Academy of SciencesSan Francisco, CA12:00pmMap
11/13/12Bread & Roses San Francisco, CA10:00amMap
11/08/12The Lost ChurchSan Francisco, CA 8:00pmMap
10/28/12Munchkin Masquerade Parade Sports Basement Walnut Creek, CA3:00pmMap
10/23/12Bread & Roses San Francisco, CA10:00amMap
10/13/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California4:00pmMap
10/10/1250 Mason Social HouseSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
09/29/12Hopmonk TavernSonoma, CA 954761:00pmMap
09/23/12The Monkey House TheaterBerkeley, CA11:00amMap
08/25/1250 Mason Social HouseSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
08/12/12Private PartyPrivate PartyTBDMap
08/10/12Fort Mason San Francisco, CA5:00pmMap
08/04/12Mc Coppin OFF THE GRIDSan Francisco, CA12:00pmMap
08/02/12The Lost ChurchSan Francisco, CA 8:00pmMap
07/20/12The Academy of SciencesSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
07/16/12Bread & RosesNovato, CA10:30amMap
07/08/12High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy , CA10:30amMap
07/07/12High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy , CA3:00pmMap
07/06/12High Sierra Music FestivalQuincy , CA9:45amMap
07/04/12Aquatic ParkSan Francisco, CATBDMap
07/02/12Private PartyPrivate PartyTBDMap
06/30/12WeddingPrivate EventTBDMap
06/22/12PRIVATE EVENTSanta Cruz Mountains, CA8:00pmMap
06/16/12Slippery Fish PreSchoolSan Francisco, CA10:30amMap
06/11/12KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro at OsteriaSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
06/10/12Albert ParkSan Rafael, CA1:15pmMap
06/10/12Live Oak Park Berkeley, CA11:00amMap
06/09/12Live Oak Park Berkeley, CA1:00pmMap
06/08/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California8:00pmMap
06/06/12Underground SFSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
05/19/12The Hotel UtahSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
05/18/12Recess - Urban RecreationSan Francisco, CA 4:30pmMap
05/12/12Sherman Garden SchoolSan Francisco, CA11:00amMap
04/29/12Studio C BalletFairfax, CA11:00amMap
04/28/12Slide RanchMuir Beach, CA12:00pmMap
04/22/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California4:30pmMap
03/31/12Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
03/25/12The Starry PloughBerkeley, CA3:00pmMap
03/24/12CitikidsSan Francisco, CA11:00amMap
03/03/12Red Devil LoungeSan Francisco, CA8:30pmMap
03/03/12Kookle ToysSan Francisco, CA11:00amMap
03/02/12The Marin SchoolSausalito, CA6:00pmMap
02/25/12My MuseumMonterey, CA10:30amMap
02/22/12Natural ResourcesSan Francisco, CA2:00pmMap
01/24/12Lucas FilmSan Francisco, CA10:00amMap
01/07/12The Academy of SciencesSan Francisco, CA12:30pmMap
12/30/11Zeum: Children's Creativity MuseumSan Francisco, CA10:00amMap
12/24/1124 Days on 24th Street San Francisco, CA11:00amMap
12/18/11Green Apple Book StoreSan Francisco, CA 10:00amMap
12/17/11The Ark Toy Store - BerkeleyBerkeley, CA5:00pmMap
12/16/11The Ark Toy Store - BerkeleyBerkeley, CA2:00pmMap
12/16/11Zeum: Children's Creativity MuseumSan Francisco, CA10:00amMap
12/11/11Small Fry'sSan Francisco, CA11:00amMap
12/11/11Cafe Du NordSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
12/10/11Bernal Heights Community CenterSan Francisco, CA10:00amMap
12/09/11Zeum: Children's Creativity MuseumSan Francisco, CA11:00amMap
11/19/11Bay Area Discovery MuseumSausalito, CA11:00amMap
10/01/1119 BroadwayFairfax, CA9:00pmMap
09/24/11Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
09/24/11Civic Center PlazaSan Francisco, CA5:00pmMap
09/17/11Cafe RoyaleSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
08/06/11The Box FactorySan Francisco, CA3:00pmMap
07/30/11Chrissy FieldSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
06/11/11Sonoma County FairgroundsSonoma , California12:00pmMap
06/03/11Fort Mason San Francisco, CA5:00pmMap
06/02/11Velo Rouge CafeSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
05/03/11El RioSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
04/30/11Pig 'N WhistleHollywood, CA8:00pmMap
04/24/11Cafe Du NordSan Francisco, CA7:00pmMap
04/21/11Red Devil LoungeSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
03/29/11Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
03/27/11Yoshi'sSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
03/25/11The Starry PloughBerkeley, CA3:00pmMap
03/11/11Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
02/24/11The Wine BarHalf Moon Bay, CA7:00pmMap
02/03/11Velo Rouge CafeSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
02/01/11MojitoSan Francisco, CA9:00pmMap
01/30/11ImpalaSan Francisco, CA6:00pmMap
01/15/11The Starry PloughBerkeley, CA8:00pmMap
01/12/11Cafe Du NordSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
01/11/11Red Devil LoungeSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
12/19/10The Wine BarHalf Moon Bay, CA7:00pm7-9:30PMMap
12/13/10Cafe Du NordSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
11/17/10The Blue MacawSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
11/10/10COHO CafePalo Alto, CA8:00pmMap
10/24/10Yoshi'sSan Francisco, California8:00pmMap
10/16/10Peri's Silver DollarFairfax, CaliforniaTBDMap
10/11/10NPR RadioTBDMap
10/09/10Bazaar CafeSan Francisco, California7:00pmMap
09/28/10Finnegan'sNovato, California8:00pmMap
09/10/10The Hotel UtahSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
07/09/10Great American Music HallSan Francisco, California8:00pmMap
Sonoma County FairgroundsSonoma , California12:00pmMap